Unlock Up to 75% Project Cost Rebate Now Offered in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is currently hosting an extensive rebate initiative known as the OG&E Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program up to 75% money back from project cost. This program is aimed at empowering small and large commercial enterprises, educational institutions, and governmental bodies to transition towards energy-efficient and Eco-friendly equipment sourced from certified suppliers within Oklahoma. […]

How to choose the best indoor marijuana grow lights

When it comes to indoor cannabis growers, no matter you are an individual grower who grows for your own personal use, or you are a commercial growing company. The grow lights play a significant role of what you can get from your natural ladies. But for commercial cannabis growers, the requirements for LED grow lights […]


The Rolling Bench For Harvesting Grows

In the competitive world of commercial cannabis cultivation, maximizing performance is crucial. Improving grow room or greenhouse design for energy and resource efficiency is the foundation for success. For increased crop yield, optimized indoor temperature control, and enhanced profitability, consider installing rolling benches for growing. These benches offer seamless mobility, allowing for efficient space utilization […]

How to choose a clone light

Propagation lighting, also known as clone lighting, is a specialized type of grow lighting designed to provide the specific light spectrum necessary for optimal growth and development of seeds and clones. The blue range of light (400-500nm) is particularly beneficial for propagation as it promotes leaf and stem growth. Typically, propagation lighting is used alongside […]

Case for GrowPros Spectrum light

Case Study: Crystal Production Increases Exponentially Using Grow Pros HM660 LED Grow Lights  Introduction  Based in N. America, a private grow operation installed Grow Pros Solutions HM660 LED grow lights in a controlled environment and found that plants under HM660 grow lights produced more crystals on the weed leaves than plants under grow lights from other manufacturers.  How Grow Pros HM660 Improved Crystal Production  The optimal levels of light produced by the HM660, […]

Spectrum-Optimized LED Grow Lights for Ideal Leaf Surface Temperature

HM 960 LED Light

At an indoor grow facility, measuring ambient room temperature doesn’t reveal the vitality of the plants in the room. This is why tracking leaf surface temperature (LST) can give growers insight into how plants respond to their environment—allowing the grower to make adjustments to the environment to produce the highest, healthiest yields. It must be […]

Experiencing Grow Issues? VPD May Solve Them

Experiencing Grow Issues? VPD May Solve Them. What Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) Is and Why It’s Important Sluggish growth, nutrient burnout, mildew, dried-out plants-all of these issues can be addressed by tracking and optimizing VPD (vapor pressure deficit) for each stage of plant growth. What is VPD? Measures the relationship between air temperature, leaf temperature, […]

What is PAR & DLI?

Caring for your grow operation involves understanding how your plants operate so that you can select the right grow light to enhance your yield. PAR and DLI are two terms that measure the quantity and quality light that reaches your cannabis plants. Read on to learn how to utilize these two terms to optimize your farm. […]

HPS vs LED Grow Lights: The Complete Guide

The Difference Between LEDs and HPS Grow Lights An LED, or light emitting diode, is a chip that emits light when an electric current flows through it. When the particles that carry the current combine together with the semiconductor material, light is produced. This allows more photons (light) to be produced while using less electricity […]