Straight Shooter

Conveyor Belt


The 8ft Straight Shooter Belt Feeder Conveyors can move whatever items you need to in a straight line. Link multiple 8ft Straight Shooter Belt Feeder Conveyors belts to span your desired length. Increase the efficiency of your labor and improve the morale of you workers. Save time and reduce the need for extra laborers. Streamline your harvesting, clean up, processing, retail, and shipping. Optional 90 Degree guard rails for turning. Optional different height leg stands available for changing pitch. Optional variable speed control also available.

  • the straight shooter conveyor belt system operates at 41ft per minute
  • it can move 300 pounds over a 9ft belt
  • includes a power changing outlet for easy linking
  • individual motor on each straight shooter unit
  • includes sturdy and easy to store folding leg stands
  • includes easy link connecting brackets
  • switch for reversing the conveyor belt direction
  • 120v coiled stretchable power cord



Introducing the 8ft Straight Shooter Belt Feeder Conveyors – your solution for efficient, hassle-free material handling. Whether it’s streamlining your harvesting, cleaning up, processing, retail, or shipping tasks, these conveyors have got you covered. Link multiple 8ft Straight Shooter Belt Feeder Conveyors to create a seamless transport system tailored to your needs.

Key Features:

  1. Straight Line Efficiency: Our 8ft Straight Shooter Belt Feeder Conveyors are designed for precision. They move items in a straight line, eliminating unnecessary complexity from your workflow.
  2. Customizable Length: Link multiple conveyors together to achieve your desired length. This flexibility ensures that you can adapt the system to match your specific requirements.
  3. Boost Labor Efficiency: By reducing manual labor and minimizing the need for extra workers, these conveyors enhance labor efficiency. This, in turn, boosts worker morale and optimizes your operations.
  4. Time Savings: With these conveyors, you’ll save valuable time on tasks like harvesting, clean-up, processing, and more. Time is money, and our conveyors help you make the most of it.
  5. Optional Guard Rails: Opt for the optional 90-degree guard rails if you require turning capabilities in your conveyor system. This feature adds versatility to your setup.
  6. Adjustable Height: Choose from optional different height leg stands to adjust the pitch of your conveyors as needed. This adaptability ensures that your conveyor system works seamlessly in your space.
  7. Variable Speed Control: For even greater control, we offer an optional variable speed control feature. Customize the conveyor speed to match the pace of your operations.

Additional Information:

  • The Straight Shooter Conveyor Belt System operates at an impressive 41ft per minute, ensuring efficient material movement.
  • It boasts a robust 9ft belt capacity, capable of transporting loads of up to 300 pounds.
  • An integrated power changing outlet simplifies linking multiple units for expanded functionality.
  • Each Straight Shooter unit features an individual motor, ensuring precise and reliable performance.
  • Sturdy folding leg stands make setup easy and storage convenient.
  • Easy link connecting brackets facilitate hassle-free expansion and customization of your conveyor system.
  • A switch for reversing the conveyor belt direction adds versatility to your material handling.
  • The system includes a 120V coiled stretchable power cord, guaranteeing a reliable power supply for uninterrupted operation.

Invest in the 8ft Straight Shooter Belt Feeder Conveyors and experience the benefits of enhanced efficiency, reduced labor costs, and streamlined operations across your horticultural, agricultural, or industrial processes. Upgrade your workflow with our reliable and versatile conveyor system today.