Meet New plug-and-play Rolling Benches at Grow Pros Solutions

Streamlined Production Processes: Rolling benches offer an innovative approach, effectively streamlining various production tasks such as potting, spacing, trimming, and order picking. This comprehensive integration enhances overall operational efficiency, fostering a more streamlined and ultimately productive workflow within the grow facility or cultivation space.

Labor Cost Reduction and Enhanced Working Environment: The Rolling Benches System serves as a strategic solution, not only minimizing labor costs but also elevating the working environment for grow facility personnel. By positioning crops at an optimal working height, the system eliminates the need for ground-level handling, reducing labor-related expenses and promoting a more ergonomic and comfortable workspace.

Maximized grow facility Space Utilization: A standout feature of rolling benches is their capacity to empower growers to maximize grow facility space utilization. Typically facilitating up to 90% space utilization, these benches significantly surpass non-rolling bench arrangements, which often cap out at a mere 60%. This efficiency not only optimizes the grow facility footprint but also contributes to heightened overall productivity and increased yield potential.

Savings on Chemical Usage: The Rolling Bench System proves to be instrumental in achieving substantial savings on chemical usage. By providing a controlled and precise environment for the application of chemicals, this system enhances efficiency and effectiveness, thereby contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to horticulture practices.

Space Savings through the ‘First In, First Out’ Principle: Implementing the ‘first in, first out’ principle on the pipe runs, the Rolling Bench System facilitates significant space savings. This strategic arrangement not only optimizes space utilization but also streamlines the workflow, enhancing the overall efficiency of the cultivation space.

Precise Application of Irrigation and Nutrients: The capabilities of the Rolling Benches System extend to precise application, allowing for accurate delivery of irrigation, nutrients, disease control, and growth regulators. This not only ensures precision but also opens avenues for a diverse range of automation possibilities, enabling growers to fine-tune and optimize cultivation processes with efficiency and accuracy.

Efficient Internal Plant Transport: The utilization of a rolling container system goes beyond efficiency in cultivation by significantly reducing the space required for internal plant transport. This feature minimizes logistical challenges, streamlining the movement of plants within the cultivation space for a more organized, efficient, and resource-conscious grow facility environment.

Establishment of a Centralized Work Area: Thanks to the Rolling Benches System, the establishment of a centralized work area becomes not only possible but highly advantageous. This strategic arrangement optimizes workflow, fosters a cohesive and organized environment, and provides growers with a practical and ergonomic space for their horticultural activities.

Improved Airflow Dynamics for Healthier Crops: Significant advancements in airflow dynamics, especially beneath the benches, surpass conditions experienced by crops grown at ground level. This enhanced airflow not only mitigates the risk of humidity-induced diseases for the crop but also contributes to a healthier plant environment. Additionally, it enhances energy efficiency in creating optimal climate conditions, resulting in lower energy costs and making the cultivation process more sustainable and cost-effective.

Versatility for grow facilitys with Multiple Zones: The versatility of our rolling bench system shines through as it seamlessly accommodates the operational needs of grow facilitys with multiple heating-cooling zones. This adaptability proves invaluable for the various stages in a plant’s life, ensuring smooth and efficient operation throughout its growth journey.

Innovative Solutions Tailored for Future Horticulture

At Grow Pros Solutions, we understand the evolving landscape of horticulture. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified in the meticulous design of systems prioritizing maximum flexibility for both short and long-term needs. What sets us apart is our foresight – even a manual system can effortlessly evolve with the integration of automation solutions, eliminating the need for extensive modifications on a large scale. Grow Pros Solutions is unwaveringly dedicated to providing adaptable, forward-thinking solutions to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern horticulture. As we look to the future, our focus remains on innovation, sustainability, and creating solutions that empower growers to thrive in an ever-changing agricultural landscape.

Challenges with Traditional Rolling Benches

Installing traditional rolling benches can pose considerable challenges, often requiring the expertise of professional mechanicians. The reliance on specialized skills introduces a potential bottleneck in the setup process, with growers facing the need to wait for professionals to build or adjust the benches. This waiting period not only extends the overall timeline for implementation but can also result in unforeseen expenses, impacting both time and budget allocations.

Effortless Installation with Generation II Rolling Benches

Discover the unparalleled ease of installing our cutting-edge Generation II rolling benches. Engineered for user-friendly assembly, these benches boast a simple plug-and-play design that ensures a hassle-free setup process. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a first-time user, our innovative Generation II benches empower you to streamline your cultivation environment with ease.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Say goodbye to prolonged installation times and unnecessary expenses. With our Generation II rolling benches, a single adult, without any specialized training, can efficiently build the setup within a mere 20 minutes. This not only saves valuable time but also translates into tangible cost savings. Experience a seamless blend of efficiency and affordability, making Generation II rolling benches the optimal choice for your cultivation needs.

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