Clones vs. Seeds: Which is the Optimal Approach for Cannabis Cultivation

In the intricate world of cannabis cultivation, the choice between starting from clones or seeds is a crucial decision that significantly impacts the entire growth journey. Small-scale growers and home-growing enthusiasts often grapple with the dilemma of selecting the most effective and efficient path to a successful cultivation venture.

Cannabis Genotype and Cannabis Phenotype: Understanding the Building Blocks

Before delving into the intricate details of cultivation, it’s imperative to grasp the fundamental concepts of genotype and phenotype in the context of cannabis plants. The genotype embodies the genetic code or DNA of the cannabis plant, determining vital characteristics such as growth rate, appearance, and effects. However, the cultivation environment plays a pivotal role, giving rise to the cannabis phenotype, influencing the ultimate expression of these genetic traits.

Commencing with Cannabis Seeds: The Perks and Pitfalls

For numerous home cultivators, initiating cannabis crops from seeds holds a special allure, primarily due to the invaluable experience it offers. Observing the entire lifecycle, from seedling to full-flourishing flower, often fosters a profound sense of fulfillment. However, the journey with seeds is not without its challenges, warranting a detailed examination of its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. A Clean Genetic Canvas: Seeds provide commercial growers with a pristine genetic palette, unadulterated by environmental hazards, diseases, or nutritional deficiencies, ensuring the absence of common genetic issues.
  2. Crafting Custom Strains: Embarking on cultivation from seeds empowers growers to concoct bespoke strains by strategically pairing selected male and female plants, leading to the development of unique and signature varieties.
  3. Guaranteed Quality Buds: While mastering this process may pose a challenge, initiating cultivation from seeds almost guarantees the production of feminized plants, yielding resinous, cannabinoid-rich buds devoid of unwanted pollen sacs.


  1. Genetic Variability Challenges: Each seed stemming from a parent plant may exhibit subtle genetic variations, limiting the degree of control over crucial attributes such as color, flavor, and yield.
  2. Phenotypic Variations: Environmental factors like temperature, light, humidity, watering, and nutrient schedules can significantly influence the plants’ phenotype, resulting in greater variations within the crop compared to that observed with cannabis clones.

Opting for Cannabis Clones: Unlocking the Pros and Cons

Typically the preferred choice for commercial growers, cannabis clones offer a host of benefits, including reliability and the ability to replicate successful strains with precision. Despite its advantages, the process of cloning cannabis presents its unique set of challenges, particularly for home growers, necessitating a closer evaluation of the benefits and drawbacks.


  1. Exact Genetic Replication: Clones serve as an exact genetic replica of the vegetating mother plant, carrying forward all its desirable traits, including productivity, appearance, size, and taste.
  2. Seamless Recloning Possibilities: Under optimal conditions, clones can be nurtured into cannabis mother plants and further cloned indefinitely, providing an endless reservoir of new plants without compromising genetic quality.


  1. Inheriting Undesirable Attributes: Cloning cannabis from a plant not initially raised from seed might unwittingly perpetuate undesirable genetic anomalies or faults, leading to unforeseen complications as the crop matures.
  2. Risks Associated with Poorly Established Clones: In instances where clones are sourced from external providers without adequate establishment, resulting plants may endure prolonged shock or even unexpected fatalities, often demanding extensive care and time to recover from incorrect cloning practices.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Cloning A Cannabis Plant

For growers venturing into the realm of cannabis cloning, understanding the fundamental steps involved is crucial in ensuring a successful and efficient process.

  1. Selecting the Ideal Mother Plant: Identifying a healthy, robust, and well-established plant that has undergone at least two months of growth in the vegetative stage is the first step towards successful cloning.
  2. Taking a Precise Cutting: Opting for a lengthy, healthy branch with at least two nodes and cutting it at a diagonal angle enhances the rooting area, facilitating robust and efficient cloning.
  3. Placing the Cutting in the Rooting Medium: Carefully introducing the cutting into the chosen rooting medium or utilizing an automated cloning system expedites the rooting process, ensuring the plant receives the necessary support for healthy growth.
  4. Trimming Unnecessary Leaves: Removing redundant leaves from the lower part of the plant enhances the uptake of essential nutrients and water, fostering a conducive environment for rapid and efficient rooting.
  5. Transplanting the Newly Rooted Plant: Within 10-14 days, the clones will establish their roots and be primed for transplant, marking a significant milestone in their growth journey.

The Essential Role of Clone Light for Optimal Growth

Understanding the significance of appropriate lighting for clone plants is vital in ensuring the efficacy and efficiency of the overall cloning process. Our GPS-CT series clone lights offer an exceptional spectrum perfectly tailored for cloning plants, fostering accelerated growth and enhanced efficiency.

In conclusion, both seeds and clones offer distinct advantages and disadvantages, catering to diverse cultivation requirements and preferences. By comprehensively evaluating these approaches, growers can make informed decisions, paving the way for a successful and fulfilling cannabis cultivation journey.

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