Unlock Up to 75% Project Cost Rebate Now Offered in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is currently hosting an extensive rebate initiative known as the OG&E Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program up to 75% money back from project cost. This program is aimed at empowering small and large commercial enterprises, educational institutions, and governmental bodies to transition towards energy-efficient and Eco-friendly equipment sourced from certified suppliers within Oklahoma.

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Unveiling the Reality:

Discover the Generous Rebate Prospects for Oklahoma’s Cultivators. The verdant fields of Oklahoma offer promising potential for substantial rebates. Among these incentives, efficient grow lights take center stage, with rebates ranging UP TO 75% of equipment expenditures. To exemplify, ponder a scenario where 50 LEDs might garner a rebate of $10,600 from the Public Service Company of Oklahoma, but via the conduit of Oklahoma Gas & Electric, this value could soar closer to an impressive $13,900. Such substantial cash inflows are undeniably impactful. While certain utilities signaled their budget constraints in 2018, our custom rebate timeline allows us to proactively seek funds for the forthcoming 2019 period.

Who may qualified:

The program is offered to valid OG&E electric delivery customers who have a maximum peak demand usage of ≤150 kW at any one facility and/or a maximum of 5 accounts per Tax ID pertaining to the OG&E customer.

We proudly stand among the certified supplier partners participating in this program. Whether you’re venturing into business in Oklahoma or are already established within the state, choosing us as your supplier is a prudent decision. Our dedicated team is prepared to craft a tailored proposal that aligns with your specific circumstances. We are committed to guiding you through the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience while securing the rebate for you.

Empower Your Cultivation with Our Enlightening Grow Lights:

We are a trade ally of OG&E. Our product are eligible for rebate program.

Illuminate Your Path to Enhanced Crop Yield with Our Premier Grow Lights. In the vibrant agricultural landscape of Oklahoma, our coveted HM Series and innovative AK Series beckon. Elevate your cultivation endeavors with these advanced solutions.

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Important Note: It’s crucial to exercise caution. Not every company you come across is eligible to partake in this program. Make an informed choice and partner with a supplier who meets the program’s eligibility criteria.

Steps to reveal this rebate:

Is your facility eligible for a rebate incentive program?

Schedule a survey with GROW PROS team. Prepare and submit application for review. It will take 7-8 weeks or about 2 months to complete.

1. GET PREPARED – Week 1

Prepare documents we need to active this rebate. We will ask you some questions and help you to fill the application and submit.


Arrange for a Pre-Installation Inspection by coordinating with the Program Implementer. The dedicated Program Implementer will conduct a thorough assessment of your facility, subsequently providing a comprehensive report detailing the estimated rebate amount. Once the inspection is complete and the estimated rebate is determined, we kindly request your signature on the inspection report, acknowledging the provided estimate. This step is crucial as it initiates the reservation of rebate funds from the applicable incentive program.

3. CONSTRUCTION – Week 4 to Week 5

Upon the generation of the lighting invoice, the customer is requested to settle the remaining balance, factoring in the estimated rebate. Following payment, our team will track your delivery and installation of the chosen fixtures, with a focus on ensuring their optimal functionality. Keeping track of installation hours per employee is recommended for effective project management. It’s advised to retain all project-related receipts, encompassing electrician invoices, wire and outlet expenses, conduit costs, equipment rentals, and other pertinent receipts. As a final step, scheduling a conclusive inspection with the program implementer is essential to validate project completion and adherence to program standards.

4. FINAL INSPECTION – Week 6 to Week 7

The program implementer conducts the final inspection, ensuring all project aspects meet the required standards. Both we and the customer collaboratively review the comprehensive final project documentation before submission. Following this, all pertinent documents are promptly submitted, after which the program implementer initiates the final project review process and seeks the necessary signatures. Upon the customer’s endorsement of the final project review, the program implementer facilitates the incentive payment to Us. In the event that a disparity exists between the final rebate and the initially estimated rebate, the customer is responsible for settling any remaining balance.

A Glance into Oklahoma’s Cannabis Legalization:

Unveiling Oklahoma’s Progressive Stance on Cannabis: In a landmark decision at the close of June 2018, Oklahoma’s electorate sanctioned the medical usage of cannabis by a decisive 57% to 43% margin. This milestone included the issuance of state-authorized cultivation licenses. While the medical framework is lenient, allowing individuals to cite medical reasons even when caught with 1.5 oz or less, the landscape is replete with potential.

Nurturing Business Growth:

Fertile Ground for Entrepreneurship: Oklahoma’s Business-Friendly Atmosphere. In harmony with the pro-business ethos, Oklahoma stands as a nurturing ground for entrepreneurial pursuits. The issuance of licenses for cannabis cultivation mirrors the meticulous process of acquiring liquor licenses. Aspiring entrepreneurs meeting fundamental criteria, including background verification and in-state residency, stand poised to realize their business dreams. Drawing parallels to Oregon’s accessible entry, the scene teems with potential, while aspiring to steer clear of permitting backlogs.

Mapping Incentives for Cultivators:

Charting the Course: Identifying Cultivation Incentive Zones. Approximately half of Oklahoma’s expanse is primed to extend commercial incentives for trans-formative projects. To ascertain the eligibility of your venture, reach out via a call or request an estimate at seinergy.com. It’s noteworthy that some smaller utilities may lack the fiscal means to accommodate commercial rebates. Our forte lies in meticulously decoding the incentive landscape, optimizing your cash-back potential, and eradicating uncertainties. Initiate your rebate journey ahead of schedule for a seamless experience.

Pursuing Profitable Rebates:

Navigate the Path to Lucrative Rebates: A Comprehensive Guide. If you’re enticed by the allure of rebates, the path to prosperity unfolds.

through four distinct steps:

1. Assess Eligibility: Commence your journey by evaluating your eligibility. You could follow the procedure from here or we could help you to complete this application.

Email us or Call us 626-900-8986

2. Prompt Application: Secure pre-approval from your utility provider before investing in lighting solutions.

3. Craft Your Illumination Blueprint: Tailor your lighting strategy to align rebates with energy and demand metrics per square foot annually, in comparison to baseline measures.

4. Engage an Expert: While embarking alone is an option, entrusting the process to seasoned professionals ensures a smoother voyage, akin to seeking legal representation in court or employing experienced agents for real estate transactions.

Elevate your understanding of OG&E’s Home Energy Efficiency Program and embark on a voyage towards a more energy-efficient and financially rewarding future.

Jon Harris

Jon Harris

Commercial cultivator with 7 years experience running 200+ light indoor facilities in Los Angeles. I’ve grown in Greenhouse and Outdoor facilities in Ukiah, CA and Grants Pass, OR for 5 years and was trained by my Aunt and Uncle in San Diego. I love pheno hunting genetics and trying out the new crosses. My growing style is centered around mycorrhizae/bacteria helping push the plant and my favorite nutrients are HEAVY 16 and prefer Rockwool. I Specialize in buildouts/room design that are simple and cleanable, creating work friendly layouts and always keeping the maintenance of the equipment in mind. I have two German Shepards and I love benchmade knives. Completed my Bachelors of Science from Cal Poly Pomona in 2010.
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