The Rolling Bench For Harvesting Grows

In the competitive world of commercial cannabis cultivation, maximizing performance is crucial. Improving grow room or greenhouse design for energy and resource efficiency is the foundation for success. For increased crop yield, optimized indoor temperature control, and enhanced profitability, consider installing rolling benches for growing. These benches offer seamless mobility, allowing for efficient space utilization and plant density. Improved airflow and temperature distribution ensure healthier plants. Additionally, rolling benches reduce labor costs, boosting profitability and overall efficiency. Embrace innovation and elevate your growing endeavors with rolling benches to secure a leading edge in the market.

At Grow Pros, we offer unmatched professional design and installation services for your greenhouse or grow room. Our team of experts brings a wealth of horticultural knowledge to each project, ensuring a top-tier approach to upgrading your operations. With our industry-leading solutions, we tailor designs to suit your unique needs, providing support every step of the way. From cutting-edge lighting solutions to industrial-grade epoxy flooring, we ensure that every aspect of your facility meets the highest quality standards. Trust Grow Pros for a seamless and efficient experience, unlocking the full potential of your cultivation space and ensuring your success in the ever-competitive industry. See our Grow benches>>

In this article, we’ll discover the advantages of rolling benches and optimize your growing space. The ideal indoor benches seamlessly integrate with your existing tools, from lighting to water control systems.


Grow Pros excels in integrating cost-effective systems for commercial grow rooms and greenhouses, streamlining crop maintenance and reducing overall expenses. Our project managers offer personalized guidance in selecting the right bench size, height, and materials, establishing the perfect foundation for your industry-leading operation. Trust us to optimize your growing space and elevate your business’s success in the horticulture industry.


By adopting rolling benches in your grow room or greenhouse, you can significantly boost plant capacity and maximize space utilization. Unlike fixed benches with aisles between each platform, rolling benches enable you to create a single lane for crop maintenance by easily moving the platforms apart. This simple adjustment can upgrade your growing capacity by up to 40%, leading to higher profits through increased plant volume. The lightweight design allows for effortless mobility with a push or pull. While the expanded growing space is a compelling reason to opt for rolling benches, there are other benefits to consider before making your purchase and installation decision. Explore the potential advantages that this versatile system can bring to your cultivation operation.


Integrating benches or grow tables in your cultivation space guarantees optimal airflow, leading to improved plant health and reduced risks of mildew or disease, ultimately enhancing your yield. The airflow beneath rolling benches facilitates even warmth distribution to the plant’s roots, mitigating the impact of temperature fluctuations within the environment. For commercial operations, growing at ground level is no longer sufficient, as the advantages of using rolling benches extend far beyond space optimization—they play a pivotal role in fostering healthier crops and increasing overall productivity. Elevate your growing game with this essential upgrade for modern horticulture success.


When working with fixed grow tables, aligning the lighting grid with your plants can be a challenging task. Longitudinal or peninsular layouts often result in less efficient lighting setups, as the grid must bridge the gaps between aisles. In contrast, rolling benches offer a more streamlined solution. The mobility of plants beneath a uniform grid guarantees equal exposure to light, promoting consistent growth. Maintenance becomes hassle-free with rolling benches, as you can easily create a direct lane below the lights by moving the benches apart, eliminating the need to reach over the grow table. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of rolling benches to optimize your lighting arrangement and create an environment where every plant can thrive to its fullest potential.


Rolling benches offer a wide range of sizes and designs, making the integration with your existing irrigation systems a seamless process. By incorporating ebb and flow systems, the impact of excess water is minimized, reducing the strain on dehumidifying systems and optimizing water management. Depending on your bench configuration, you can effortlessly collect excess water or drainage at the sides or end of the bench, ensuring a tidy and efficient setup. Additionally, the clever design of bench frames includes unobtrusive slots, allowing easy installation of trellises and drip irrigation without disrupting nearby aisles or other growing platforms. With rolling benches, you can achieve an organized and effective growing environment that maximizes productivity and simplifies maintenance.


Rolling benches revolutionize the cleaning process in your grow room or greenhouse. Unlike fixed grow benches that require cleaning underneath, simply move your plants aside with rolling benches. If you’re transitioning from ground-level growing to rolling benches, managing floor irrigation and excess moisture becomes remarkably simpler. The bench’s railings or sidewalls also play a crucial role in preventing leaks and spills, ensuring a clean and efficient growing space. With rolling benches, maintenance becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on maximizing productivity and achieving optimal plant health.


Rolling benches offer a straightforward and cost-effective solution for configuring your grow room or greenhouse. With the ability to adjust plant height, these bench systems enhance the efficiency of your lighting grid and drainage systems, ensuring optimal plant growth conditions. The inclusion of multiple tray widths and drainage slope angles further enhances operational optimization. Additionally, the configurable bench length allows you to maximize available space, ensuring efficient plant placement relative to the size of your grow room or greenhouse. Embrace the flexibility and versatility of rolling benches to create an ideal cultivation environment that maximizes productivity and yield potential.

In the dynamic world of greenhouse cultivation, scalability is key to accommodate growing operations. Our greenhouse rolling benches offer the perfect solution, seamlessly scaling upwards as your business expands, without the need for additional costly investments. While rolling benches may seem like a minor aspect of your growing space’s design, they play a crucial role in boosting crop yields and profitability, regardless of your commercial efforts’ size. Embrace the efficiency and versatility of rolling benches to future-proof your greenhouse and cultivate success on a larger scale.

Jon Harris

Jon Harris

Commercial cultivator with 7 years experience running 200+ light indoor facilities in Los Angeles. I’ve grown in Greenhouse and Outdoor facilities in Ukiah, CA and Grants Pass, OR for 5 years and was trained by my Aunt and Uncle in San Diego. I love pheno hunting genetics and trying out the new crosses. My growing style is centered around mycorrhizae/bacteria helping push the plant and my favorite nutrients are HEAVY 16 and prefer Rockwool. I Specialize in buildouts/room design that are simple and cleanable, creating work friendly layouts and always keeping the maintenance of the equipment in mind. I have two German Shepards and I love benchmade knives. Completed my Bachelors of Science from Cal Poly Pomona in 2010.
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